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Determined Florida Firm Represents Clients in Appeals Cases

Accomplished appellate attorneys seek justice for residents and businesses in Miami

There are many reasons why you may want to appeal a final judgment in your case. Grounds for appeal include errors in trial procedure or in the judge’s interpretation of the law.  But your original lawyer isn’t necessarily the best advocate in an appeal: an appellate attorney can bring a fresh perspective to your case and employ scholarly strategies that achieve the outcome you were denied initially. At Xander Law Group, P.A. in Miami, we are experienced appellate attorneys who help residents and businesses throughout South Florida reach successful resolutions in appeals in both federal and state courts. Through careful research and analysis of the legal issues involved, we thoroughly understand the law as well as its application to your case to successfully bring and defend appeals for our clients.
Areas of Practice

Smart legal support for residents and businesses in South Florida

For clients throughout Miami and South Florida, we draw on years of experience securing successful results in appeals because we understand:
  • Appellate law — In appellate law cases, we bring our extensive knowledge of the law to challenge the court’s interpretation of the law or view of the facts in your case. Appeals require careful planning and preparation by attorneys, whether they were involved in the original case or not.
  • Appellate defense — In handling appellate defense, we help clients to defend favorable lower court decisions that are being appealed. We file and answer motions and review your case to determine whether a counter-appeal is possible.
Through diligence and attention to detail, we are able to identify strategies that support our clients in even the most difficult appeals.  If you think an error was made in your case or you wish to preserve a decision in your favor that’s being challenged, we have both the skills and knowledge to represent you effectively.  

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The attorneys at Xander Law Group, P.A. represent clients throughout South Florida in state and federal appellate law matters. Please call 305-340-4567 or contact us online to schedule a consultation at our Miami office.
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